Recovery of injection plastic tops 90% target

Jan 23, 2022

A commitment to the sustainability of its production has always been at the heart of LEM technological research, beginning with the introduction of recycled nylon to cover more than 25% of its virgin polymer requirement. In the last few months, the company has made a radical change in the management of its production processes, with in-loco waste recovery. As a result, it now recovers 90% of plastic material from its injection molding processes.

This has been achieved by separating and recovering the injection runner alongside the machine. Thanks to a service contract with two companies specialized in plastic recovery, LEM now successfully recovers almost all (90%) of the plastic it previously discarded. The injection spur is selected (to ensure the absence of contaminants), reground, granulated and returned to an original polymer state ready for molding. Recovery offers a number of environmental and economic benefits: lower plastic waste disposal costs, lower raw material costs, a reduced carbon footprint.